The Photographers Blog


The Photographers Blog

Here we are.  A brand new website and a brand new blog.  In all honestly, this is my third attempt at a blog for A Storybook Image, but I am pretty determined to keep this one going.  Through these other trials, I’ve learned quite a bit about developing a photographers blog.
1) Don’t overcommit yourself: My last blogging attempt started in January and I swore that I would put out one video blog each week for a full year.  After about four or five weeks, I determined that I was pretty crazy.  I run a business, I am a photographer, I am a videographer, I manage lots of other people, projects and things, I am a mom, I am a wife, and I do my best to keep at least a little bit of a social life. Fitting in a video blog once a week, where I develop the ideas, do the shooting, producing, editing, uploading, and sharing…. yeah, again, I was crazy.
2) It doesn’t need to be fancy: Nowadays, most of us have short attention spams.  In fact, I may have already lost you here.  Keep it short and simple… to the point.
3) Don’t forget your voice: My original blog contained a lot of lists.  It is completely okay to use information and ideas from another article or blog (giving them credit of course), but don’t forget that people are reading your blog because they enjoy what YOU have to say and share.
4) Mix it up: I’ve really admired some of my fellow photographers blogs, which contain a mix of their work, their experiences, some tips of taking or being in pics or videos, as well as their opinions of things going around within the industry or in the world.  In this blog, I want to include all of that, but I also want to include more about my own experiences as a business owner and mother. I may even include some of my favorite recipes and a little complaining about potty training… nothing is off limits here.  ?
5) Be open: I don’t want to type or shoot just to type or shoot.  This is a form of expression and I want you to read and watch my blog. Therefore, if you have something to say or something to suggest, please do it.

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