Tips and Tricks for the Traveling Photographer

Tips and Tricks for the Traveling Photographer

Capture the day to day

We’ve all done it, gone on an amazing vacation to get home and realize you only took 15 pictures, none of which even had you in it! It’s so easy to get wrapped up in all the fun activities of vacation, but it’s important to remember to capture all these moments so you have them for a lifetime. A family picture in front Cinderella’s castle in Disney World, is great… but probably not what you’ll remember most looking back on the trip.


Sometimes you go to take a great shot, and it falls a little flat. Perhaps it’s the lighting or the weather, but the timing of a shot can make worlds of difference. The sun alignment, or morning dew can change the whole feel of a picture.

It’s all about who you’re with…

Vacations can be the highlight of the summer, but it’s not all about where you go, but rather who you go with. Your pictures should reflect the people who got to share the amazing memories with, because it wouldn’t be the same without them. In addition the human element in a photograph makes for a more compelling shot.


Lights, camera… ACTION!

Posed pictures are great to grace the holiday cards you send out to all your loved ones, but to make your shots more realistic try having them be raw, authentic, non-posed pictures. Overall, the point of photography is to capture memories and emotions, and there is no better way for a photograph to illustrate this than if the emotions are happening in real time.

The beauty of nature

Vacation is a great excuse to explore new places you haven’t had a chance to visit, so don’t be afraid to let your pictures reflect the new ecosystems you encounter. Each speck of this world is uniquely beautiful, and you don’t need anything more than a camera to be able to see these sights even when you’re back sitting at your desk job.


Live a little

I have watched so many of my friends miss great shots because they didn’t feel like bringing their camera or were too afraid it might get a little wet. When you let go a little, great pictures are taken.

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