Video Transfer

Do you have boxes or bags full of your memories on VHS? Salvage them now, before it’s too late (film degrades over time). Save the stress and expense of mailing them out to some unknown company and preserve your family memories! A Storybook Image can do this for you, right from our Trumbull offices. Pricing is listed here, but contact us for custom quotes.

Each DVD will hold one hour of VHS footage at highest quality, although we can fit more at a lower quality setting.  Keeping in mind that most VHS tapes are already at a much lower quality than what we are used to watching now, we recommend the highest quality option.

Example of Bootstrap 3 Tables with Borders
One Hour DVD Straight Transfer Total Cost (plus sales tax)
1 $20.00
2 $35.00
3 $50.00
4 $65.00
5 $80.00
Additional Services

1. Each additional DVD will be at $15 per DVD and additional copies of the converted DVDs will also be at $15 each.

2. Custom DVD labels are available for an additional charge with adjusted timing.

3. Our professional editors and animators at A Corporate Image can edit your footage.  Ask us about pricing.

4. Need your footage burned to your external hard drive? Please add $10.00 to the DVD prices above for each one hour of footage. You would receive both the DVD and your hard drive with the video footage.

5. It’s a RUSH! We will perform one-day turnaround service at $60 per one hour DVD.

6. We can also convert VHS-C and MiniDV tapes to DVD.  Add $5 per one hour DVD to the pricing above.

Service is performed at our Trumbull office and will take approximately one week. Contact us before stopping by to confirm that we are in the office, as we are often shooting at client sites.